Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carlos Slims has an accumulated $74 billion, which shoots him up to the first place, and the wealth margin between Slim and Bill Gates is quite huge. Gates sits on a wealth stockpile of $56 billion, which he has proudly earned through Microsoft; and following him closely is Warren Buffett -the investment genius from the US – who has $50 billion in his accounts.

Top 10 List

Bill Gates (USA) - $56 billion, Microsoft

Warren Buffett (USA) - $50 billion, Berkshire Hathaway

Bernard Arnault (France) - $41 billion, LVMH

Larry Ellison (USA) - $39.5 billion, Oracle Corp

Lakshmi Mittal (India) - $31.1 billion, steel

Amancio Ortega (Spain) - $31 billion, retail

Eike Batista (Brazil) - $30 billion, mining, oil

Mukesh Ambani (India) - $27 billion, petrochemicals, oil and gas

Christy Walton & family (USA) - $26.5 billion, Wal-Mart